Sunday, May 6, 2007

Family Tree Service

I wonder if there are family tree service on the web which is based on a self-service model. No one can maintain up to date info on family member other than them. So, providing a mechanism to create family tree with each node owned by that person with update permission would be great. Also, a mechanism to create dummy node and send invite to that node person for allowing them to sign-in and take ownership of their node.

Each person should see their node as the center and have upward, downward, and sibling connectivity and should have the ability to navigate and view the public profile. Allow, each node to create a profile (public and private, close relatives only) with photos, links, other data etc.

Interesting twist to family networking (instead of social networking)! Only question is "who wants to keep in touch with relatives", right?!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LinkedIn for Businesses

Does it make sense to have a global directory service for B2B like LinkedIn for end users? Does anything such as that exist? What does it mean to bring all business contacts into a connected service on the web?

This service should expose business attributes, contacts for particular business functions, etc. and allow a self-maintaining model which allows companies to keep track of their partners and important contacts within that. Enterprise businesses are so fragmented with disconnected systems and cannot even create a common partner directory within the company. If it is not maintained by partners themselves, there is no way any company can maintain up to date information on their partner and contacts.

Who can pull this off?! We will see.