Thursday, August 13, 2009

UID News

Our prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had an important meeting with Nandan on UID and here is the news item

At a glance:
  • UID is all about providing a unique identification number to a "resident" (not citizens) and not about smart cards.
  • Most of the one billion plus population has been to be given an ID, a huge task indeed.
  • After all, "inclusion" is the primary purpose. If we leave behind 1/3 of our country without "connecting" back to the system, it's only a question of time before they eventually revolt.
  • Hopefully, Nandan can influence policy makers to find a reason for people at the bottom to stand in line and get an ID.
  • Uniqueness is critical provided everything is duplicated in this country. That's surely a challenge.
I am quite excited about this project and will be blogging quite often. Keep following!


  1. Starting a blog is indeed an excellent idea Pramod! Keep us updated in what's going on with your project through this blog

  2. Congrats dear!
    Welcome to blogging.
    We are all so proud of you! Wish you tremendous success in your endeavour.
    We wish with this project, the ideal of an 'inclusive society' becomes real in our country.
    We look forward to your updates on this project/mission.
    Love n luck,

  3. Hi Pramod,

    Its great to see you blogging. I hope you remember me. We met way back in 2005. When I came for an interview to your home. Ever since so many things happened. Good to see you in blog. Good luck for you in UID project. Keep in touch. Happy to be in touch with you after 5 years.


  4. Hi Pramod,

    just came across your blog while searching the net, and also learnt that you are the Chief Architect of the prestigious UID project headed by Nandan.
    Please share your experiences while architecting the UIDAI system, have you solely done it or there are several people who help you doing that. I have also read in news and heard in our locality in Hyderabad, that the software which you have created to capture data is having many bugs and registers wrong address data.
    Wish you all the best for the project which will make the entire nation proud.

    YSR Selvaraj,