Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cloudloop - a Universal API for Cloud Storage

It was expected sooner or later. With all the rush and hype towards cloud computing, it is important that a common API layer for access to resources in the cloud is developed. That's exactly what Cloudloop has done. Currently applications wanting to write applications that can access cloud file system need to write different code for different providers and having an abstraction layer above specific implementations make it much easier for these applications. Currently this API is restricted only to storage in the cloud. There are several providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, etc. who today who provide cloud storage and Cloudloop provide a clean standardized API layer on top of these providers.

For the people who do not know what cloud computing is, it is a mechanism by which software applications and computations are done in the cloud or simply on computers connected on the Internet compared to servers inside your private network. Of course, this is a minimalist definition.

I really do hope to see lot more such APIs evolve and eventually a standardized cloud computing platform. I am sure they will evolve soon since no one wants to develop applications for the cloud and get tied into one of the providers. This is no different from the way J2EE standard evolved and made the life of application developers easy compared to life the 90's where we were writing different code different distributed computing platforms.


  1. On that topic, how you store data becomes very important. CouchDB is pretty good if all we need to do is to have free structured data. Another great design is ZODB ( - it has nice features like inheritance and acquisition [once you use it for hierarchical data, you cannot imagine how to live without this]. Actually, ZODB is what I miss regularly while trying to plug square peg to a round hole (xml into RDBMS:-))

  2. you got the spelling wrong on the title