Monday, November 30, 2009

Chrome OS Project Released

Google released Chromium OS project. In another year they promise initial release!

Primarily it is a Linux OS with custom firmware and a single application which is a custom Chrome browser!! All other applications are within the browser, accessed through a URL. So, in essence, you access any website that works under Chrome and you can mark that as an "application" or just browse as you do. Of course, some neat enhancements are done to Chrome browser (which is the container for all apps) to support windows, windows groups, etc.

Unfortunately "all" data will be in the cloud. I am not sure I like that fully. I think if they want to be successful, they should also support some local storage (USB, SD Card, etc.). Most productivity data can be in the cloud. But, not supporting any local storage may not be a good strategy.

Google promises that the boot time (they call Fast Boot!) will be about 3 secs!!! Devices that are specialized (netbooks, kiosks, etc.) could really come alive using a light weight, fast, and secure OS that can seamlessly integrate to the web.

I still wonder why Google is trying to develop 2 separate OS though. Why not use Android for larger screen devices? It has all the necessary elements such as a nice touch enabled UI, productivity apps, full SDK, a clean security model, all kinds of network connectivity, built-in browser, and more. Android is also based on Linux. Why not simply make Android run on an x86 machine with larger screen resolutions? Why another OS?

I would love to see Android running on a cheap Atom based machine that costs less than $200 with a 12" screen that can be fixed onto my fridge that can call, keep track of notes, reminders, manage contacts, and everything else including custom apps!

Check out the demo video and track its progress on their home page at


  1. Steve Ballmer agrees with you :-)
    and so do the folks here

  2. Hi Pramod, I agree with you. I would not like to have all my data on the cloud; a part of the reason being data privacy. But the biggest problem I see is the availability of the data.

    In past couple of months, we have seen many google applications down a number of times, some for even couple of hours.

    So till I don't see a year of uninterrupted google services, I would need a "hard copy" of my data on my hard disk.

    Btw I Tried chromium via VirtualBox (dont want to screw up my MBR right now), and currently it takes about 7 second to boot. May be due to virtual box!!

  3. Hi Pramod,

    I'm following Morfik as well. They seem like an interesting crew who are putting together an app dev environment to support the web as an OS. They claim the app designer can tap into db multiple ways.

  4. Looks similar to litl