Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Gears gone!

Google has decided to stop development of Gears in favor of HTML 5. This is definitely the right move from Google towards standards.

People who do not know what Gears is all about, here is a quick summary. Gears is a browser plug-in with programming APIs to support data storage on the browser without connection to server. It is used by Gmail, Google Reader, and many other applications to provide "offline" capabilities. HTML 5 provides several of these features as part of the standards.

Almost no browser today fully support HTML 5, but the promise of HTML 5 is surely something all of us are looking forward to.


  1. This is a very positive step in favor of browser's development. Moreover instead of adding same feature set in two different softwares, why not focus on one and make it the best!

    Another cool feature that Google Chrome implemeted is Websockets.

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  2. Why stopped updating the blog..

    How does one contact you?

  3. Browser based tools from Google make data storage easy. What more could any entrepreneur need?

    Personally, I don't like using any tool that I am compelled to download. I think there should be options. I like browser based products because I can use them from anywhere, on any device.

    If I start working on an application on one device, I can go somewhere and continue working when I have a free hour. Entrepreneurs want the ability to send and work with documents, or store data from wherever they are and software like this allows them to do that.